Apricot varieties for the Moscow region


Apricot is a heat-loving tree, and in the Moscow region are very cold winters. Frosts up to -30 degrees, unpredictable rainfall make it difficult to obtain a quality crop of apricots. Therefore, it is recommended to choose only the most resistant varieties for cultivation. The best varieties of apricot for the Moscow region will be described below in the article.

How to choose a grade apricot for the Moscow region?

Only the correct selection of varieties can provide a great harvest for gardeners of the Moscow region. What qualities should a tree have in order to settle down and grow quickly in such an unpredictable climate zone?

Apricots for Moscow region

  • The best apricot varieties for the Moscow region are resistant to severe frosts. The lower the temperature they can withstand, the better.
  • Resistance to temperature and humidity changes will allow the apricot to withstand even extreme conditions. In particular, it is important that the kidneys have a reduced sensitivity to temperature, because late frosts in this area are not rare.
  • Unpretentiousness is desirable, but it is known that it is possible to grow apricot in the Moscow region only with regular painstaking care of the tree.

In addition, despite the fact that there are few varieties for growing in cold areas, it is still possible to find varieties for fresh eating and canning. It is well known that the varieties for preservation retain their shape and taste, and are also stored for a long time in a jar, and they are also cooked with sugar before. Such procedures can not stand every fruit. Therefore, when choosing a variety for the suburbs, you need to pay attention to this factor.

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What are the earliest varieties?

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The best apricot varieties for the Moscow region are early, mid-ripening and late ripening. The earliest in this area are most desirable, as they will surely have time to harvest before the first frost.

Early varieties of apricots for the Moscow region

  • "Kolonovidny" or "Prince" - an interesting tree up to 2.5 meters tall with compact, small branches. The first fruits already bear seedlings for 2 years after planting in late July or early August. The tree does not require pollination. Fruits have an average weight - 35 g. Not transportable - you need to immediately process or use fresh.
  • "Alesha" - tall tree up to 4 meters. Gives a crop for 3-4 year after landing. Crop harvested in late July. It has a pleasant sweet taste with sour. Fruits are ellipsoid, yellow, with dots up to 20 g. Not afraid of frost. The variety is universal - used in any form.
  • "Laureate" grows up to 3 meters tall. The fruits are large with juicy, sweet pulp. Crop harvested in July or August for 3-4 years after planting the seedling. Very winter-hardy variety, resistant to diseases and pests. Of the shortcomings allocated capriciousness in the care. The tree needs a place without drafts, frequent dressing, correct pruning, watering.

What are the most hardy varieties?

Below are the best varieties of apricot for the Moscow region, with endurance against strong frosts. Even with a harsh winter, they will survive and give excellent harvest in the summer.

The most hardy varieties of apricot for the Moscow region

  • "Honey" - late ripe grade. The tree is very tall, up to 4 meters, so it is recommended to cut it for convenience. Fruits are small to 20 g, yellow in color with small red dots on the peel. The harvest on the tree is always big - 15-20 kg. So, despite the small size of the fruit, there will be no shortage of apricots. Morozov is not afraid at all. The tree is able to withstand frosts of -35 degrees, or even lower!
  • "Northern Triumph" maintains frosts in 30-33 degrees below zero. Fruits are orange with a red tinge, ellipsoid, with an average weight of 50 g. The taste is sweet with a sour note. Harvest can be collected from mid-August. It grows up to 2 meters in height and has a spreading crown. Of the advantages also stands out resistance to a large number of diseases and pests.
  • "Russian" for the year gives a harvest of 80 kg. Fruits are large, slightly flattened from the barrels, yellow in color with a blush of 50 g each, with slight pubescence. The flesh is soft, juicy and sweet with a bright apricot flavor. Fruits are used only for fresh consumption, as canning leads to loss of taste. Resistant to cold snaps to -30 degrees.

    Hardy apricot varieties for the Moscow region

  • "Hardy" - late ripe grade. Resistance to frost has not only a tree, but also its flowers, buds. It is better to plant on any vast area, since the crown of an adult tree is very wide. The first harvest (from 60 kg and more) is obtained in the middle of August by the 5-6 year after planting a tree. Fruits of medium size weighing 40 g.
  • "Snegirek" - variety undersized to 1.5 meters in height. Incredibly resistant to frost, can survive even in the North. The tree is unpretentious, any soil will be suitable for planting. Productivity - 10 kg per season. Fruits up to 18 grams, are transportable, long stored fresh, suitable for canning. The lack of one variety is the instability to some diseases, namely, spotting and moniliosis.
  • Red Cheek - mid-season variety. The first crop is obtained for 3-4 years after planting in mid-late July. It is frost-resistant, but it is recommended to warm it in winter, especially young trees. Each fruit has a weight of up to 50 g, the peel is yellow, with a red side, thin. Torn fruit can be stored no more than a week. It is not afraid of drought, but if the plant is low in moisture, the fruiting will stop or the fruits will be very small. Productivity in good years to 90 kg from one tree!
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