Tomato Pink Giant


The tomato the Pink Giant is a very popular and widespread grade. Growing it is not difficult, it grows and develops fairly quickly, but you need to know some of the nuances of maintenance and planting. It is grown in a greenhouse or in the open field, it can be sown with seeds, but it is highly recommended to make seedlings in order to bring the harvest date closer.

Description and characteristics of tomato variety Pink Giant

The crop grows up to 250 cm in the open field, and in the greenhouse it is up to 180 cm. The variety is medium-ripe Pink Giant, for the first fruits to pass approximately 110 days from the day of planting the seedlings. Resistant to a number of diseases and pests.

Tomato Photo Pink Giant

With good care from the bush can collect up to 3-4 kg of large, pink, sweetish, juicy fruits. Dry matter in them only 5%! A record harvest reached the level of 12 kg, but this is possible only with trembling treatment with each bush! Tomatoes "Pink Giant" are large - 200-400 grams, the shape is rounded, although there are less tidy fruits of crimson or light pink color, in a vegetable there are usually 6 cameras.

Tomatoes Pink Giant tolerate transportation. It is consumed fresh, processed for pickling in barrels or used to make tomato juice. Closing them entirely in the bank will not work - they are too big for that.

How to plant seedlings?

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As a rule, seedlings are used to grow tomatoes. Seeds culture is sown except in the southern, hot climate. Before planting the seeds of the Pink Giant for seedlings, they are disinfected, germinated, and then sown in peat cups or other containers around the beginning of March. Tanks are placed in a dark place and after 5 days you can see the first shoots. After the emergence of shoots cups are rearranged to light and grown at a temperature of 16-22 degrees above zero.

Planting tomato seedlings in open ground

A week or two before planting in open ground or a greenhouse, the seedlings of tomatoes Pink Giant need to be tempered. To do this, it is put out from time to time on the street or it is simply placed in front of an open window so that the plants gradually become accustomed to the natural street temperature conditions. How to grow tomato seedlings at home, read - here.

Before planting, the land is well fertilized, small wells are made (no more than 3 holes per square meter). After that, the wells must be watered with water, and prikopat each sprout. It is best to form a bush of two shoots, so the plant will be more resistant and will bend less under the weight of tomatoes.

How to care for tomatoes Pink Giant?

The most important point in the care - a garter tomato. Due to the fact that the fruits of the Pink Giant are very large, the bushes under their weight can break even if they are tied up. Therefore, the plant must be tied up very carefully, according to all the rules, and the support must be reliable so that it does not break. Tying up tomatoes can be done as soon as they stretch a little, take root in open soil or in a greenhouse. If there are a lot of fruits, it is recommended to make supports from branched thick sticks under the branches.

Tomato Care Pink Giant

Tomato Pink Giant is watered as the soil dries out, and irrigation is carried out only early in the morning or late in the evening, when it is not hot and there is no scorching sun. Day watered exclusively at the root. To increase growth and improve the yield allow complex fertilizers. They can be purchased at any garden store and use according to the instructions.

After the fruits start to appear on the plants, it is recommended to leave 4-5 tomatoes on each of the bushes, and to cut off the rest. If this is not done, they will not be able to reach maximum sizes and will be average, although this will not affect the taste.

Old, dried leaves are always cleaned. All weeds are also removed, and the bushes are weeded from time to time, but not deep!

What pests and diseases is culture afraid of?

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Fungi and diseases rarely threaten the plant or crop, most often problems of appearance or fruit are associated with improper care.

Tomato Pests Pink Giant

Of the pests, the tomato Pink Giant is often attacked by gourd aphids and thrips. To combat them, you need to spray the plant with various means, for example with a mixture of "Bison" or take more acceptable, folk methods that certainly do not harm the culture.

Sometimes the Pink Giant tomatoes are attacked by the Colorado potato beetle, especially the cracked fruits. They are recommended to immediately collect and pre-spray tomatoes, even before the first fruits. And from the greenhouse whitefly, which, as the name implies, usually spoils the greenhouse plants, the special agent Confidor will help. But again, it is advisable to use it only as a last resort if traditional methods do not cope with the problem.