Potato Gala


The potato variety for cultivation must have a lot of positive qualities. This applies to yield, resistance to diseases, pests, taste. Potato gala just refers to such varieties. It is about him that will be discussed later in the article.

What are the features of the variety?

Potato ripening medium early. Crop harvested after 65-80 days. Potato Gala has a yellow color, inside it is a light yellow color. Little eyes. The root weight of 70-150 g. Starch in the composition is small, but a lot of carotene. When cooking does not fall apart and does not lose color. Suitable for manual and mechanical cleaning, making it often used in large and small industries.

High Yield Potato Gala

Gala has many advantages, gardeners all over the world prefer this variety.

  • The first quality of the variety is versatility. It can be grown in any soil and in all weather conditions. It takes root in hot and northern countries, thanks to which it is popular in different parts of the world.
  • Potato varieties Gala has a high yield. True, this criterion is directly dependent on care. Some farmers produce a rich harvest, others poor. But on average from one bush about 15 potatoes gather. With proper care, the figure increases to 25.
  • The variety is resistant to many diseases, and with timely treatment of the bushes and proper care you can not worry about the safety of the crop.
  • Due to the density of the tubers, they are difficult to damage. Therefore, you can collect the root by mechanical means.
  • Transportable, can be transported over long distances.

    Characteristics of Gala Potato Tuber

Among the disadvantages of the Gala variety, it is worth noting only the instability to the leaf twisting virus, late blight of the tubers, and rhizoctoniosis, against which additional treatment is necessary.

How to grow potatoes Gala?

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The soil is prepared in advance. It should be fertilized, dug up and left to freeze in the fall, so that all harmful microorganisms are destroyed. In the spring, you can re-dig the earth or simply level it. As a rule, additional digging is necessary when applying any fertilizer.

Only small tubers are selected for planting. They are germinated in advance, so that each has several strong, plump shoots. 2-3 days before planting, the tubers warm themselves in the sun, for better germination.

Planting tubers in open ground

Potato Gala is planted by any convenient method. The depth of the hole should be no more than 15 cm, between individual roots should be 50-75 cm of free space. It is recommended to pour any fertilizer into the hole before planting and mix it a little with the ground, so that the tuber will take root faster. But this procedure is not required. It is used if the soil is weak or has not been fertilized in the fall. After planting potatoes, the tubers are covered with earth.

Shoots usually appear simultaneously. Bushes in a culture of medium height, do not grow much, the stems are erect. What makes them easy to care for.

What is care for culture?

Proper care ensures a large, high-quality crop of potatoes.

Potato Care Gala

  • Watering requires abundant, regular, but the plant does not need to fill, it is important to monitor the ground. If it dries, you can pour some water.
  • As a rule, one additional feeding is done during a season during the second hilling. It is possible to feed potatoes of the Gala variety more often, but you should not overdo it, otherwise it will affect the quality and taste of the crop.
  • From time to time it is necessary to process the tops with special complex pest and disease remedies.
  • Hilling is done if necessary. Some planting methods exclude this plant care item.
  • All weeds need to be cleaned as soon as they appear. They not only can cause the appearance of diseases, pests, but also take useful trace elements from the earth, moisture. A weed with a developed root can lead to potato deformation in the ground.

When to harvest and how to store the crop?

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Potato Harvest Storage Gala

10-12 days before harvest, you need to cut the tops. This leaves the "hemp" in order to be seen where to dig. Thanks to this simple procedure, the shelf life of potatoes is significantly increased.

Potato Gala digs a maximum of 80 days after germination! After that unfolds on the street to dry out. The excess soil from the potato is removed, since it may contain pest larvae.

Then the potatoes are put in nets, bags, plastic or wooden boxes and put stored in cold rooms, cellars. You can store potatoes on the balcony, if there is cool. It is important that it is in the dark, as light reduces shelf life.