Breed of pigs Landras


The breed of landrace pigs is bred around the world. This is a bacon variety, while the quality of the final product obtained from the animal will be distinguished by high rates. What is a breed, its characteristics, especially when breeding can be found in this article.

Description of pig Landrace

Pigs Landrace is easily distinguished from other breeds. They have an elongated body up to 185 cm. The chest girth is 150-165 cm. By 6 months the animal weighs 100 kg. An adult animal weighs in the range of 250-300 kg. Legs are round, but not thick, squat, rather strong. The neck is long, thick. The head is small, the ears are medium in size, half hung, rarely the pig keeps them raised, the eyes are small, dark. Their skin is light pink, sometimes pale, almost white with sparse, short hairs.

Pig breed Landrace

It is important to note that purebred individuals have weak bones, therefore for numerous breeding it is recommended to cross with local breeds. Due to this cross, pigs not only become stronger, but also have better immunity and are distinguished by a high degree of survival in different climatic zones, conditions of detention.

What are the features of the breed?

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It was bred as a result of the crossing of English white and Danish pigs. The breed of pigs Landrace for a short time became incredibly popular, and all thanks to its positive qualities among which are:

Landrace - meat breed of pigs. Fat thickness 2 cm

  • rapid weight gain (per day up to 750 g);
  • fertility (the uterus gives 9-15 pigs for farrowing);
  • high meat yield - 70%;
  • the taste of meat and animal fat;
  • This pork is considered lean because the fat is only 2 cm thick or less.

Among the drawbacks of the species, it is worth noting the sensitivity of the skin to various stimuli (sun, insects). Also, purebred individuals have a weak construction, they do not tolerate stressful situations and are demanding care and feeding.

How to keep pigs Landrace?

Breeding content can cause significant difficulties. Pigs of the Landras breed are capricious in terms of arranging a pigsty that is why mass breeding on farms or in large villages is recommended for advantageous keeping.

  • Pigsty should be done large, dry, light, so that the animals are not crowded or uncomfortable. For lighting, large windows and artificial light are used.
  • Important lack of drafts. The animal will suffer small frosts, but drafts lead to diseases.

    Pigsty should be big, dry and heated

  • The room should be heated, especially if the climate is humid, cold. Acceptable temperature inside the pigsty +20 degrees.
  • Due to the high sensitivity of the skin of the animal to sunburn, it is important to arrange a good roof where the breed is kept.
  • Walking do spacious. It is important to equip a canopy on the spot. It should be large enough for the shadow to cover all the pigs on a hot day. In winter, walks are either completely eliminated or the walking time is reduced to a minimum - 15-30 minutes a day.
  • Inoculation of young individuals is necessary. Pigs are not common, but they get sick in order to minimize the risks of vaccination at an early age.

Straw bedding changes regularly, especially in young animals. If you do not want to clean the litter, you can use the Canadian technology on the arrangement of the floor. It consists in making a deep bed of sawdust and straw, sometimes with sand, in which special biological preparations are poured. These biologics contain bacteria that are involved in the decomposition of animal excrement. Thus, the litter is self-cleaning on its own.

What to feed the pigs?

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Feeding pigs feed

High-quality expensive bacon can be obtained only with proper feeding. If you run this business, the Landrace pig breed will have too hard meat or the greasy layer will become more than the allowable rate.

  1. The daily rate of feed is divided by 2 times, in winter it is desirable to three meals a day.
  2. If there are too many or fewer nutrients in the feed, the fat layer will grow rapidly. To ensure a balanced feed, it is worth buying feed and diluting it with coarse feed: bran, cake, hay.
  3. If you can not buy feed, you can make it yourself: 6 parts barley dert, 3 parts wheat and 1 part peas.
  4. In addition to diluted feed, it is worth giving masks from silage, chopped fresh vegetables (pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, beets), greens (nettle, alfalfa, clover) to pigs. Blenders are prepared at the rate of - 1 part of the mash on 1.3 parts of water.

Are there features during reproduction?

Breeding pigs Landrace

Pregnancy lasts 114 days. During the birth, Landrace sow requires the help of a breeder or a qualified veterinarian. Each piglet should be washed, then cut the umbilical cord and burn the place where it was cut with iodine. Then piglets are applied to their mother, so that they drink milk. It is important to apply piglets to the nipples no later than 45 minutes after birth!

Part of the care of pigs Landrace pores is tracking the health and condition of the young. With a lack of weight, additional feeding is necessary. This is usually required if there are a lot of piglets for one uterus. As an additional feed, you can use cow's milk with admixtures of necessary vitamins. Excommunication from the mother takes place on the 28th day of life. From this point on, it is possible to transfer piglets to solid food.

Contain a sow and young growth separately, but in the same room. The fact is that, despite the good maternal instinct, with considerable weight the female can crush her own offspring when moved, and therefore they are seated so that there is a partition between the pig and the piglets. During feeding (every 2-3 hours) it is removed, and the piglets are transferred to the nurse.