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Cow's milk is a valuable product. It is drunk almost all over the world, it is healthy, tasty, it contains substances that positively affect the body. It can be both adults and children, if there is no individual intolerance. In addition, milk is used in cooking, cosmetology, traditional medicine. And although it is a familiar product for everyone, not many people understand its fat content. What is the fat content of home cow's milk, on what it depends and how it can be raised if desired, will be described in this article.

What is the fat content of cow's milk?

It is believed that the normal fat content of cow's milk is 3.4-3.6%. But this indicator cannot be called stable, in each case it will be higher or lower. The main criterion for the different fat content of milk is its type.

  • Skimmed milk It is composed of 1.5-2.5% fat. No matter how much the producers want to defat it, they have to keep some fat. So the opinion that there is no fat in skim milk at all is wrong. It is very useful for people sitting on special treatment and health-improving diets, those who are fatty foods contraindicated for children. But it should be understood that such a low fat content does not give a cow - it is processed milk and its real benefits to the body can be questionable.

    Comparative average characteristics of various dairy breeds of cows

  • Whole milk - the product obtained directly from under the cow, without processing and any other fraud. The fat content of cow's milk of this type starts at 3.2% and above. It is believed that this milk is the most useful, of course, if the cow is not sick. Drink it boiled, fresh, warm, after milking or cold, after cooling. Babies are sometimes sweetened with honey. However, for a number of diseases, including gastritis, it is not recommended to drink it fresh - only after boiling.
  • Fat milk - it is a whole or processed product (the percentage is increased artificially), whose fat content is between 6% and more. It is worth noting that such percentages are rare. But just such milk is the most valuable and expensive. It is primarily disassembled in the markets, as it is believed that there is a lot of benefit in it, and the taste is better, although the latter is more of an amateur.

Important! It is very difficult to determine natural fat cow's milk and artificial (processed) milk without practice. Therefore, it is dangerous to acquire it in the markets from strangers - it can turn sour within 24 hours.

These are the types of milk in fat content exist. Which is better and which is worse is difficult to determine - this is an exclusively individual opinion. Many people like full fat milk, others do not like it, but whole milk is drunk without any problems. Skimmed milk also has its fans and today it is considered the most popular in stores. The only way to determine the "leader" for your taste and benefit is to try all three.

Does the breed of cow affect the fat content of milk?

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The fat content of cow's milk depends on various factors. Here the feeding, maintenance, quality of life of the cow, as well as the genetic factor - the breed plays a role. Purebred specimens usually have a good indicator of fat content, and only in rare cases does the mixing of the species increase the fat content of the milk.

Important! The fat content of cow's milk does not depend on the direction of the breed. Many meat cows provide excellent, full-fat milk and many dairy products are characterized by low fat content of the product.

Oddly enough, for all the years of breeding new breeds of cows, breeders have failed to create a look with equally high fat content and milk quantity. Because of one another suffers, but this does not mean that low milk yield provides a high fat content of the product, this is not at all an indicator. So when choosing a breed with fat milk, it is impossible to navigate to milk yield.

They do not give much milk, but it has a big fat content.

If the breeder is interested in the fat content of milk, then it is necessary to give preference to cows with whom she has record numbers. Such breeds include Yaroslavl (4.1-5.2%), Tagilskaya (4.25%), Jersey (5.34-6%), Ayshirskaya (4.0-4.3%). They do not give much milk, but it has a big fat content. Representatives of such species can be expensive, but they quickly pay for themselves.

How to increase or decrease the fat content of cow's milk?

Its price depends on the fat content of cow's milk. Suppose that in a dietary diet milk with low fat content is very important, but among all other people there is a common opinion that milk should be fat, and the higher the fat content, the better. But how to increase the fat content of cow's milk? There are several methods. All of them are tested and effective, the breeder can only decide which method is preferable for him.

  1. Pure breed cows. The less impurities in the genes, the better the milk, although many breeders have been able to increase the productivity of their cows by crossing the species, but this is only one chance out of a hundred! In order for sure to provide yourself with a good, fat milk, you only need to breed cows with bulls of the same breed.
  2. A quality diet increases the fat content of milk in a matter of weeks. The increase in fat content of the product affects: coarse fiber (legumes and cereals, such as alfalfa), easily digestible carbohydrates (specialized feed), minerals (calcium, phosphorus, vitamins E, A, sodium, zinc, sulfur, cobalt). The more of these products in the diet of the animal, the better, but you can not overfeed, otherwise the cow will stop giving milk in general. Everything should be measure, but of the highest quality.

    Its price depends on the fat content of cow's milk.

  3. Pasture content can significantly increase the fat content of milk. But the cows in captivity, maybe they will give a lot of milk, but low fat.
  4. Massage udder also has a positive effect on fat. Do it regularly on the day of milk expression.
  5. Increase the fat content of cow's milk can be done by boiling. To do this, milk is boiled for a long time until it becomes less. With the decrease of the amount of fat increases, but all the nutrients from the product go. So this method has significant drawbacks.
  6. Dilution with cream. This is a homemade way to increase the fat content of milk, which is often used by sellers to deceive the buyer, and therefore it is recommended to buy milk only in proven places. The method is very simple. Milk is mixed with cream in the proportion that is needed. The more cream, the fatter the final product.

If the breeder needs to reduce the fat content of cow's milk, it rarely happens, but sometimes, it is necessary to include beet pulp, turnips, rape hay and greens in the diet of the animal.

VIDEO - How to check the quality of milk at home

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