Collins Peach Variety


Peach Collins - juicy, sweet fruit, beloved by all. It can be grown in the middle and southern regions, and in the care it is not capricious. But in order to please the harvest, you need to choose a good variety for growing. This article will describe Collins Peach - known for its pleasant taste and many other virtues.

Collins Peach Variety Description

The shape of the flowers is scyphoid, just on the bud of 5 white and pink petals

Peach Collins has an early ripening. This is an American variety, bred by breeders from New Jersey to pollinate the variety Jayserland with pollen from a complex hybrid. Suitable for growing in warm regions, where winters are not very cold. The tree grows up to 3 meters. Crohn spherical, medium thickness, sprawling. The leaves are oblong-lanceolate, the tip is narrowed, the length of the middle leaf is 17 cm, width is 4 cm. The color of the leaflets is dark green, the surface glitters a little. Flowering occurs in the middle or end of April. Flowers grow medium in size, with a diameter after full blooming - 2.5-3 cm. The shape of the flowers is goblet, just on a bud of 5 white and pink petals.

Interesting! The peach tree is called the "tree of life" because its fruit is very useful for the human body.

The shape of the peaches is spherical. Fruits weigh 110-150 g on average, and have an orange skin with a pink-red blush on almost the entire surface. The skin is velvety, pleasant to the touch, easily removed from the fruit, but in principle it can be eaten, it does not taste bitter and chew easily. The taste of yellow-red flesh is sweet and sour, the aroma is strong. The stone is rough, medium size.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

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Peaches are large, dense, ideal for transportation.

Collins peach varieties have an excellent taste, pleasant appearance and therefore many gardeners tend to grow it.

  • An early variety gives an early harvest, which is beneficial for those who grow peaches for sale or simply love them very much.
  • This is a self-fertile variety. In order to obtain stable yields, he does not need pollinators growing close to him.
  • Peaches are large, dense, ideal for transportation.
  • Commodity fruit at a height. They not only look beautiful, but also have a pronounced, pleasant aroma.
Interesting! Peaches come from China. And it is this country that is the leader in the cultivation of peaches all over the world.
  • There is strong immunity to powdery mildew.
  • Collins peach variety can tolerate prolonged drought, strong winds.
  • Productivity is high.
  • Fruiting is stable, starting from the third year after planting.

And what disadvantages does the Collins peach variety have?

  • The tree does not tolerate extreme cold. It was derived for warm regions, where the temperature rarely drops below -20 degrees Celsius.
  • Due to early flowering, the buds can freeze if frost returns.
  • Despite the fact that the tree is thermophilic, it does not tolerate heat and may begin to dry.

Collins Peach Planting

Photo planting Peach Collins

A peach is a southern tree. He needs a lot of light and heat, so it should be planted on the south side of the site near natural protection from the winds. It is located on hills or plains. Lowland areas where moisture accumulates are not for peach. There he will often be ill or will not grow at all.

Planting is like planting other trees. First you need to dig a hole about 1x1 meter. The earth obtained after digging is mixed with 3 buckets of humus, 100 g of superphosphate and the same amount of potassium sulfate. If the groundwater level is high, it is necessary to lay drainage at the bottom of the pit.

Now a peg is set on the bottom of the pit to later tie up the peach. Then a slide is made on the bottom of the fruit land that was previously mixed, and a peach is placed on it. The root collar must peek 3-5 cm out of the ground. Roots spread on all sides, and the pit is gradually filled with earth. After that, you need to slightly tamp the soil and tie a peach to a peg. After planting, the tree is poured over 2 buckets of separated, warm water.

Care and harvest

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In China, the peach symbolizes luck and longevity.

Like any other tree, peach needs regular care to produce a stable crop.

  • Watering Peach Collins varieties need not frequent. About once every 3-4 weeks, plentifully water the tree in the area of ​​the circle of the trunk. You can also make a trench so that the water does not overflow and is absorbed in the right place. During a drought, watering can be done more often.
  • Pristvolny circle should not be filled with weeds or fallen leaves. It is cleaned as necessary.
  • Mulch is usually decomposed for the winter, but you can mulch the tree and in the hot summer so that the moisture does not evaporate quickly.
Interesting! In China, peach symbolizes luck and longevity. And its flavor is a strong aphrodisiac.
  • Young trees grow very quickly, so they need to be cut in time - to form a crown. And when a stable fruiting begins, the growth will slow down, and it will be possible to carry out pruning less often, just to remove excess or old, sick pagans.
  • If the tree starts to hurt, it must be treated with fungicides. From pests use insecticides. Pull with the treatment is not recommended, because such problems can destroy the peach in a matter of weeks.
  • Insulation for the winter is necessary in those areas where this season is frosty or prolonged. A mulch in a layer of 25-30 cm is placed in the near-stem circle, a tree trunk is wrapped with insulating material. If the seedling is still small, you can cover it all with film or spruce branches.

The crop ripens usually by the middle of July. Collins peaches can be collected in several stages, as the fruit ripens. It is possible to use ripe fruits fresh, preserve them, freeze them for the winter or dry them. Desserts are very tasty.

Collins Peach Grade Reviews

It is possible to get acquainted with opinion of gardeners about a peach of a grade of Collins slightly below.

  • Dmitry Silin: "I have been selling peaches for 3 years now. As for the Collins variety, I can say that it really doesn’t crumple and deteriorate on the way. The fruits that were packed before transporting are already on arrival. To taste, fruits grown in southern Ukraine They are not inferior to imports from abroad. And the variety is kept excellent, so I recommend it. "
  • Yegor Bragin: “Although the frost resistance of this variety is bad, but the frost is -25 degrees, as it turned out, the tree tolerates without insulation. This year there was a very cold winter, he was afraid to freeze, threw more snow — survived. This year the harvest is not very big, but taste is as good as ever. "
  • Angela Mishina: "Anyone who loves large peaches needs to try the Collins variety. The fruits are very sweet, juicy, red-yellow. The sourness is heard only from immature fruits. There is resistance to powdery mildew, there is no need for care - a good grade."